GetDoc is a team of committed, passionate and driven multidisciplinary professionals who recognise how important it should be for people to be in charge of managing their own health.

Founded with the aim to empower everyone to manage their own healthcare, and provide a way to help monitor their ageing loved ones, we share one common vision:

To add value and enrich lives through mobility solutions and deliver better healthcare experience.

In GetDoc, we combine the best of healthcare and technology.

We are not superheroes.Only some of us run marathons, but we want to take care of ourselves without having to stop eating our favourite foods and relying on others. We believe you share the same goal with us, too.

With GetDoc, We Bring Happiness.


GetDoc is not just a service or product.


A mission on an adventurous journey to enrich 100 million of lives by delivering better healthcare experience to the world.

GetDoc is not just a technology,

It's a VISION.

A vision of a better world where everyone takes charge of their own health. Be it lifestyle or treatments.

We are not superheroes.

But we are here to bring health and happiness to the world.