Getfash is Singapore’s first shoppable magazine that allows you to read and shop simultaneously.

You won’t find articles about the latest designer collections here – because what’s the point in us writing about $5,000 pants when it means that you’ll have to live on cai peng (read: economic mixed rice) for three months just to afford these items?

What we write about, instead, is the trendiest and latest style ideas featuring affordable items that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Who says you can’t look good on a budget?

What can I do on Getfash?

1. Get inspired Getfash Style Stories are collections of outfit ideas in the form of super useful and interesting articles. Think Instagram, but better – because all the items you see are shoppable.

2. Get the Best of Brand Launches Would you rather scour through multiple newsletters and online stores on a weekly basis, or just read about the best designs curated in a single article by Getfash? For many of our readers, it’s the latter!

3. Save Money & Get Cash Back Buying an outfit that costs you $150? Purchase it through Getfash and get $7.50 back in real cash – we’ll transfer it directly into your bank account. More info here!

Our story

Getfash was founded by Gerald, Lucius, and Cherie, who wanted to share their love for affordable fashion with the world.

Like many others, the Getfash team enjoyed browsing traditional magazines for inspiration, but were dismayed by the often exorbitant prices of the items featured on these magazines, as well as the inconvenience of tracking down said items.

In order to create a better shopping experience for consumers, they conceived and piloted Getfash, Singapore’s first shoppable magazine with articles curating trendy yet budget-friendly fashion items.