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GRVTY Media Malaysia






We're a media group with several online publications that's powered by youth driven content to inspire and enthuse our readers. Our media assets include Vulcan Post, DiscoverKL, Millennials of KL, and we want to grow bigger and launch even more!

Vulcan Post Malaysia:

Our vision is to introduce readers to the latest digital lifestyle news so that they can bring our topics and discussions to daily conversations.

Our small but ambitious editorial team writes articles that will appeal to the digitally savvy millennial—stories revolving around local startups and initiatives, tech lifestyle pieces, inspirational people, and trending social media news.


Discover KL is dedicated to bringing you up-to-date news on the latest events, local news, festivals, and anything else exciting happening in Kuala Lumpur. With our DKL Ambassadors, get to know KL like you never have before!

Millennials of KL:

We believe everyone has a significant story that's worth sharing. That story, despite being unique to each of us, is also one that could resonate with countless of others. It shows our differences, and yet also unites us in our similarities. Read more about someone else's experience, and get to share yours too.


+ Gong Cha and Chatime (now Tealive lol) is our work fuel. If you're more of a Starbucks fan, sure... we'll try not to judge.

+ We have a Sin Cupboard filled with snacks and treats.

+ Having crazy coloured hair styles is not compulsory in the team, but be warned, the syndrome is contagious.

+ Some of us are trying to get fit. Like, we're REALLY trying. Help motivate us?

+ Our work place is pet friendly! Our MD brings her dog to work sometimes and we have a live-in cat in the office :D

+ We once participated in an ice cream eating competition that was live on Facebook. We lost. Think you got what it takes to be our champion eater next time?

+ You could be one of the faces on our articles/posts. With your consent, of course :p

  • Secure and Covered Parking
    - We will provide you with a parking season pass so you can park your vehicle in a multi-storey parking building right opposite the office.
  • Transportation Claims
    - You can claim transportation costs for work related travelling (for events, meetings, etc.).
  • In-office kitchenette
    - Cook your lunches (or dinner) in our kitchenette, or bake desserts in our oven. It's quite well equipped!
  • Medical Claims
    - We provide monthly medical claims (up to a certain limit).
  • Emergency Technical Claims
    - We provide claims for technical emergencies (up to a certain limit).
  • Entertainment
    - We have a flat screen TV and PS4 for your gaming needs!