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Health Metrics

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20 - 49

HealthMetrics is a cloud enterprise software that automates the management of employee healthcare & flexi-benefits. We help organisations dramatically reduce administrative tasks, authenticate e-MCs, provide real-time healthcare information and generate intelligent analytics & reporting. As the fastest-growing corporate healthcare solution, we are supported by our extensive & rapidly growing network of 2000+ healthcare partners nationwide (as of September 2018). It is our mission to help organisations deliver top-class employee experiences resulting in healthier and more productive workplaces.

To win customers’ and employees’ respect and trust primarily through dedication and hardwork. In order to consistently exceed customers’ expectations, we strive to provide a healthy, challenging and happy working environment.


Health Metrics is a big family that emphasize on teamwork and unity. We also focus on employee's development.


Professional Development

No matter what studies you undertook at university or college, you will find relevant opportunities at HealthMetrics. The diversity of our people, roles and opportunities will help open new doors for you to learn new skills, connect with other aspiring professionals and develop your leadership potential.


Personal Development

You will learn about yourself, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, have the room to grow, discover your purpose and get inspired to make a difference in other people’s lives. Realize your uniqueness and how you can contribute to the bigger picture.


Relationship Development

The friends and memories you make in HealthMetrics will stay with you for life. Learn to work better in a team, develop your people skills and be able to communicate with others. Realize how your unique role synergizes with others, leading to your own success as well as the company’s.


Leadership Development

Demonstrate your ability to lead and teach others, challenge yourself to become responsible for the development of others. By leading others, you will grow your leadership potential to inspire and motivate others, run large teams, and access advanced training and development opportunities.