Cherish Nature's Gift



20 - 49


Born out of the desire to enhance the breastfeeding experience for both mother and baby, Hegen aims to simplify and complement the nursing experience, ensuring babies get the best nutrients in their diet while turning nursing into a positive bonding experience that mothers enjoy.

Designed to complement the user experience and minimise spillage and wastage – making every drop count and maximising the goodness that can be drawn from nature’s gift; Hegen's revolutionary, practical and multifunctional designs encourage a sustainable and hassle free breastfeeding lifestyle, allowing mothers to carry on breastfeeding for as long as they want.

Hegen was first established through the personal experience of our Co-founder and CEO, Yvon Bock’s personal experience as a breastfeeding mother and desire to create a difference for breastfeeding mothers and baby. Being a mother of 4 and having spent almost 10 years breastfeeding her children, she brings her real-life experiences into the business. It was her vision that helped develop a revolutionary and innovative brand for the industry.

"When we first envisioned our brand, it was all about trying to make a difference. At that time, we read a breastfeeding survey conducted that out of…“95% of mothers who initiated breastfeeding, only 21% of them sustained this for 6 months or more.” It was then that we decided that our vision and mission for Hegen is to try and bring about change." -- Yvon Bock

Hegen’s vision is to create a difference for breastfeeding mothers by simplifying and complementing the breastfeeding experience for both mother and child and ensuring babies get the best nutrients in their diet while turning nursing into a positive bonding experience to be enjoyed.

Our mission is for parents and babies to cherish nature’s gift through innovative, revolutionary and sustainable solutions, which enhances the breastfeeding lifestyle. We aim to help increase the percentage of mothers who breastfeed up to six months or more and prolong the breastfeeding journey.


Hegen was founded with the mission to help, serve and empower women in the sometimes demanding, oftentimes beautiful journey that is motherhood. Beyond creating a beautiful product, we possess a lofty ambition: To celebrate breastfeeding, a mother’s ultimate gift to her child.


Hegen is a young and fast-growing company within the Mother & Baby consumer goods industry. We believe the success of the company is built upon individuals who have a growth mindset and are committed to our mission of empowering mothers in their breastfeeding journeys. These individuals come together to form what we call "The Hegen Family". As a family, we encourage and support one another in our work and communicate openly.

We believe that no business can be successful without the support of its customers. Therefore, we pride ourselves on delivering beautifully-designed, high-quality products to our Hegen Mums and strive to create a memorable experience for our Hegen Mums with each encounter. With all the love from our Hegen Mums, we endeavour to give back the same (if not more!) to the community and to society.