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Hello Doktor is a part of Hello Health Group; medical information platform in Malaysia with the vision to make health information accessible and useful for all in order to increase knowledge about health and healthy living. We provide reliable health information which is approved by medical experts in Malaysia.

We are facilitating access to the most up-to-date health information, educating patients, and encouraging them to actively engage with care providers in the process of the medical decision making.

We are one of the first websites in ASEAN to be certified by HONCode, a nonprofit medical board governing health information online.


Hello Doktor is part of Hello Health Group with a mission to build a leading group of health technology platforms in emerging markets. We focus on bringing World class healthcare information to everyone. Within the context of the emerging markets whereby consumers are in large part under-insured, healthcare consumption is largely an out-of-pocket expense. As such a huge percentage of consumers do not seek medical treatment early of often enough to avoid otherwise preventable illnesses. Hello Health Group is working with numerous partners across all markets of operation to ensure all consumers can receive best in class medical information to fuel better health decisions.

We help people find the most trustworthy healthcare information online to help them better understand how to live happier and healthier lives. Our content spans over 10,000 topics across Health Conditions, Medical Tests, Surgeries, Drugs, Herbals, Nutrition, Family & Pregnancy and many more content verticals on the way!


Global, yet local


Taking trustworthy health information to underserved or untapped markets brings its challenges. We adapt to local culture, developing proprietary solutions that meet all stakeholders needs and circumstances.

As part of our global strategy, we have a centralised technology and strategy hub in Vietnam and operational offices in each of our markets. Having a a regional set up enables us to bundle local market and business model insights and facilitate regional commercial, strategic and investment partnerships. By leveraging a mix of international and local employees, Hello Health Group can transfer knowledge effectively while ensuring that our platforms meet the local demands.


Where Passion Meets Experience


Our team combines decades of experience across a wide range of industries, cultures and specialties. We combine the knowledge of Pharmaceutical industry experts with that of Digital Marketing, Technology, Content, Healthcare, Design and Business Development to deliver the highest quality technology platforms and services to our users and clients.

The Hello Health Group team is passionate about changing the World for the better. We work tirelessly to ensure our platforms and services reach and support as many potential users as possible in the most targeted and efficient way.