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HotelQuickly (HQ) is Asia’s #1 mobile app for same-day hotel booking - with great last-minute discounts. The company was set up by experienced international team comprising of serial entrepreneurs and investors. Offers are managed by hotels, enabling real-time capacity optimization. HQ launched across Asia in March 2013 with presence in 12 countries and local teams set in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia and has received some great initial attention by the press.


Discover where it all began. Read the history of how HotelQuickly was founded and has grown since it was first launched in March 2013

1.5 million users. More than 200,000 hotels. Destinations in every corner of the globe. Since its founding, HotelQuickly has made traveler’s lives easier by providing a simple, stress-free way to book cheap hotel rooms last minute.

In September 2012, five visionaries joined forces to give birth to a new idea that would change the way you travel. Out of the minds of Tomas Laboutka, Christian Mischler, Michal Juhas, Mario Peng and Raphael Cohen came mobile booking website and app HotelQuickly.

The following March, we launched publicly in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Within less than a year, we had expanded to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Macau, as well as overseas to Australia and New Zealand, making HotelQuickly the first to provide last-minute mobile-only hotel booking on the two continents.

In the years since, we have expanded throughout Asia and then all across the globe, with headquarters in Hong Kong and Bangkok and offices throughout the region. In 2016, HotelQuickly acquired and fully integrated Japanese app Tonight. And that’s just the start of what’s to come.

Since our founding, we’ve raised a total of $US 5.6 million in investor funding, which we’ve used to make hotel bookers’ experiences as fantastic as possible. Our innovation and rapid growth has been featured by media outlets such as TechCrunch, Forbes, CBS, NBC, TechInAsia, TheNextWeb, Yahoo, and Tnooz.

Our passion for excellence continues to bring you the best cheap hotel rooms last minute. We constantly work to grow as a company while delivering the best deals out there and improving your experience every day. We at HotelQuickly are glad to have you on this journey and can’t wait to see what the future has in store.


All of us at HotelQuickly work by the following core values.

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  • Trust, teamwork, openness & communication — We believe that we can create the best product only if all of us collaborate.
  • Fun — Work hard, play hard – We have lots of fun!
  • Execution & pro-activity — We love to see people being proactive and accepting challenging situations.
  • Passion & determination for excellence — It’s so exciting to work with people full of passion.
  • Growth & learning — With our training sessions and conferences, we constantly learn new things.
  • Dynamic & agile – Not just IT, but the whole company strives to be light-footed.