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Impact Terra is powered by a visionary and hardworking team. We value entrepreneurship, dedication and adventure. We embrace challenge, work closely as a team to achieve meaningful results and are pragmatic and open to change.

We are focused on uplifting the poorest individuals in emerging markets in a sustainable way. We love innovation and technology and envision a world where a thriving and sustainable smallholder agriculture sector exists to ensure food security for the future. Our mission is to digitally empower smallholder farmers around the world.

As a cutting-edge technology startup, we develop services that can help millions of people globally. Our Golden Paddy platform is the core of our business, providing services to smallholder farmers and agricultural stakeholders. The platform provides farming advice, market connections and financing options through a mobile app to farmers and data insights, communication and transactions to stakeholders.

Since our inception in 2016, we have developed the Golden Paddy platform and the systems that power it, engaged users across Myanmar and developed partnerships (e.g. agronomy, big-data, technology, analytics, distribution) and clients. We recently raised USD 3 million to fuel our growth. The potential impact of our concept is enormous: 500 million smallholder farms, 50%+ of emerging markets’ GDP in agriculture, and mobile and satellite technology available to connect and automate our services.


To digitally empower smallholder farmers around the world

The way we do this is through our digital services platform Golden Paddy, consisting of a mobile application, web application and a Facebook page. We optimise the Golden Paddy platform for our beneficiaries, based on the crop they grow, the location they live in and other characteristics. Besides farmers, we see extension workers (government, NGOs, private sector) as our end-users; because we perceive all stakeholders in the agricultural value chains as potential clients.

We now work in Myanmar but are planning to expand our reach to Thailand and Vietnam, other SEA countries and eventually globally.