We believe that businesses should not be burdened by their technology.

We believe that technology should – EMPOWER, ENABLE, ENLIGTHEN.

EMPOWER – Give the right people the right tools and services at the right price.

ENABLE – Give organizations the ability to successfully adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.

ENLIGTHEN – Give decision makers actionable information and insight to be able to make the correct decisions.

These are the key ingredients that will allow companies to continuously INNOvate and gain a sustainable competitive adVANTAGE.

InnoVantage is the product of the merger of two cutting-edge organizations:

OneView Managed Services is a software engineering and cloud computing company that creates solutions for its clients using the latest in Web 2.0 technologies and delivering them via an extensible cloud platform.

Freshly Squeezed Creative Solutions is a multimedia design and technology firm that develops multimedia communications solutions. Its expertise is designing and implementing simple yet powerful user interfaces for both web and print as well as creating innovative mobile applications.

With the fusion of the expertise, resources and cultures of both parent companies, InnoVantage is uniquely positioned to provide enterprise-ready applications developed using the latest technologies that are easy to use, simple to deploy and yet are flexible enough to accommodate ever-changing business requirements.