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iZyoo Platform Sdn Bhd is an IT company that specializes in web development, located in the lively Cheras suburb of Kuala Lumpur. Established in 2010, we build outstanding and informative websites for numerous businesses, both big and small, from a whole range of industries.


Our forte lies in anything web-related, from customized website design and web content development to hosting packages and online solutions. We strive to create engaging websites that are assistive and performance driven for our clients to move forward in their business.


With the impending rise of smartphones and tablets, iZyoo is also aware of the increased need for mobile app development. We have thus far developed several mobile applications to complement our clients’ business, and are currently working on innovative mobile app projects.


The rise of mobile usage also brings forth the rise of social media, and iZyoo is keeping up with the trends by participating in social media development, which we believe is an essential tool for online business marketing. Providing a platform to interact and inform, iZyoo itself is soon advancing as an atypical social network.


However, we are not limited to just creating websites and mobile apps for businesses. We also work and design our own fun innovative projects while exploring new and fresh ideas. Two such pioneer projects are iZyoo’s rebate management system and recruitment management system. The two systems are complex and advanced structures rarely ventured by any other web development houses, and are just a morsel of our array of novel ideas.


With 5 years in the industry and growing, we have expanded not just in size and experience but also in our level of technical skills, creativity and innovativeness (which is seriously limitless!).


To develop innovative web and mobile solutions for businesses and help increase their efficiency and competitiveness. We wish to help both small and big businesses realize the vast range of opportunities that

are in the web and mobile space. We seek to design the web and complementary applications in a way that differentiates our clients from the rest of the competition. We believe in coupling innovativeness and creativity to provide an online experience that is beneficial and suitable for both the company and its clients.


We believe in the web. And we have a plan! We are building the most amazing, fun, innovative and ass-kicking project the world has yet to see! So here's where you come in, we need creative, pro-active, and most importantly innovative individual to grow with us. And craftsmanship, beauty and quality really matter to us. We strive to make everything we produce ooze with style and elegance.


To us, everyone is not only part of a team, but part of a family. We treat everyone as equals with respect and care. We watch each other's backs, help one another whenever we can and spend time with each other having fun outside of work hours.


So if you think you have what it takes, we welcome you to apply to join our family.


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