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Kaodim group: kaodim.com (Malaysia), kaodim.sg (Singapore), Gawin.ph (Philippines), and beres.id (Indonesia) is the leading services marketplace in South East Asia. This two year old startup enables people to hire professionals like plumbers, electricians and cleaners with just a few simple steps. Kaodim is backed by leading, prominent investors including Venturra Capital, 500 Startups and East Ventures and has announced USD$4.55M in funding since its launch. As market leaders, kaodim is growing their team across countries in SEA fast and is keen on attracting bright, energetic talent to join its team. The kaoteam is filled with young and talented individuals including grads from the University of Pennsylvania and Brown University.

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Kaodim aims to grow thousands of businesses by delivering new clients to them every day, improve their professionalism and quality of service. At the same time, Kaodim makes it easier for people to hire the right service providers for their projects,from plumbing works, home renovations to wedding photography. Kaodim aims to escalate the level of professinalism and service quality by providing a platform that promotes transparency, accountability and healthy competition. The team is also set on bringing this fantastic technology to the rest of South East Asia.


We are a band of energetic people who share a common passion for building things that are bigger than ourselves - things that influence positive change and which makes the world just a little bit better.

With us, passion, drive, inclusiveness, innovation and trust is the name of the game - all while having a lot of fun.