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At Keboola Singapore we are super passionate about data. We are crazy about our customers, quality of service we deliver, not about raising funds and chasing unicorns. We build new breed of enterprise software, cloud based data integration and advanced analytics platform our customers love.

Our product - Keboola Connection is ETL for the digital age. Cloud-based, data integration and automation platform that will do the 80% of data scientist’s ‘dirty work’. ETL is the biggest part of Data Analysis that no one likes to do, but we enjoy it. We are the experts in getting data from any data source – be it SaaS, social media, storage or databases. We can connect to any API you have and get the data into one place, where it is easily accessible and transformable.

With our own platform called Keboola Connection, we deliver data projects for our customers in unprecedented fashion – speaking about time and quality. We can prepare data for reporting as well as to automate processes across an organization.


We are on the mission to remove the silos and allow companies fluidly use data sets they own. We are past the 'big data' age, Keboola is about harmonizing internal and external data streams in a collaborative environment. Technology previously available to the Fortune top 500, now cloud based with a price tag that's within the reach for the Fortune top 1 million! 


We work as a remote team and rather than for employees we look for strong, independent colleagues. 
Our technology  as our mindset are very different to what is available in the market. We like the edge-cutting solution mentality and we have a culture of constant iteration. 


Freedom, ability to work from anywhere

Adult treatment - comes with responsibility

Limiteless option for personal growth

Ability and space to realise once potential and aspirations through internal subproject