Konbini Vending Automation Pte Ltd
Konbini Vending Automation Pte Ltd





Konbini Vending Automation is an automation solution provider established in 2015. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of hardware and software solutions to increase the productivity and efficiency of businesses.

We love hardware and are constantly inspired by the machineries and designs from Japan.

Our hardware solution includes automated kiosks, vending machines, smart lockers and develop software. We have deployed over 100 machines for clients in the SEA region.

Our software solution includes programming and the integration of different systems.

Besides the serious works, it’s gonna be fun working here!

At Konbini, you can expect a more casual work environment. You'll be welcomed into the land of never-ending opportunities. Here, you can feel free to speak your mind!

We don’t just build solutions, we build relationships. Yes, we care about results, and we also care about one another.

Also, the boss expanded our office so that we can have more space to walk around when taking brain breaks.