Eradicating poverty in SEA through culinary skills

Food Retail and Service



5 - 9


Founded in 2017, Kravve exists to create a world where anyone can connect through food-sharing, providing food products that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable. Kravve uniquely leverages technology to economically empower millions of people around the world to unlock and monetize their skills, passions and talents to become culinary entrepreneurs.

Kravve is guided by five principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, long-term thinking and impact focus.

We are developing mini SASS products with AI and Machine Learning to automate every part of the value chain like supply chain, government regulations, logistics and more.

Featured on more than 20 online and offline media, including BFM, The Edge TV, Vulcan Post, Discover KL, World of Buzz, Oriental Daily, CLEO, Digital News Asia, and many more.


Kravve is also a national finalist for ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Award in the Best Food Tech Startup Category.


Our mission is to alleviate poverty and to improve financial wellbeing of the mid-low income group, especially in Southeast Asia.

We do this through providing them with tools, infrastructures, and micro-services to help the mid-low income group monetise one of the most widely available skills in Southeast Asia - Culinary skills.

We don't only focus on improving their income level, but at the back end, we track their business metrices online and offline, personal financial status, automating savings and banking which ultimately grants them access to financial services like loans, insurance, and etc to improve their financial wellbeing.


Treat everyone with genuine-ly and transparenly - this is our core value.

If you’re often praised for the following traits, you’re the one for us ;)

- Take initiatives

- Have high standards

- Move fast

We are all here to help the people in poverty get better. It’s important to demonstrate passion and commitment to understand our users and work out solutions to support them better.

You'll find yourself jumping into a rapid-fire discussion once in a while. We involve quick idea-sprints and debates very often to improve our solutions.

We’d love to work with people who are

  • Exploratory and adventurous. You’re willing to try fast and fail fast with your own initiative.

  • Driven and motivated. Your mantra in life is "it's up to me", and because of this, your beliefs in life is directed towards doing the job right and to the very best of your ability.

  • Up to date with the latest viral marketing trend. You’re able to identify the role models in the market, and replicate success.

  • Strong time and task management skill. You are able to plan and exercise conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.

  • Eager to learn. You are willing to work on all types of assignments and show an eagerness to learn.

  • Adaptable. You are good in managing a variety of tasks, flexible and open to changes that may come up during the day.

  • Excellent command of both written and verbal English. Another language would be good!

  • Strong research skills and up for the challenge of networking


What you’ll love about this job?

  • Rapid career progression - You will be working directly with our CTO who has developed applications that today has over 4 million users.

  • Be involve in business decision - You’ll also be involved and work directly with the founders in shaping the company’s future. You voices count.

  • Be part of something bigger than yourself - Every single line of code that you’ve deployed will have direct impact in lifting the low income out of poverty, impacting them anything in between putting food on their table to allowing them to have a fresh start in life after someone passed away.

  • Great company culture - We only hire people we trust, that would mean if you get in, you will have control and belongings in some of our projects as a project owner. We want to groom you to one day leading the company.

  • Freedom to experiment - We love people who has ideas. If you are someone who always have wild ideas, we’d love to speak to you. In Kravve, you’ll get freedom to execute and experiment with some of your ideas. You’ll see actual impact driven by your idea.

  • You are important - You won’t be just another developer in a large organisation. Your voice matters, and if can, we hope that we can be best friend both within and outside of the job.