Electronics and Telecom


50 - 99


We are the #1 ReCommerce Company in Indonesia; empowering Trade-In Services for leading retailers and device manufacturers with over 1,000 Trade-In Points. At our partnering outlets customers buying new handsets have the option of Trading-In their old handset to get a discount of up to 30% on average.

All of these used-devices are then collected, tested & certified based on physical and functional factors, then resold through Laku6 Platforms which include:

* B2C Marketplace for Certified Used-Phones with a 90-Day Guarantee. On customers can buy used premium flagship devices for below 2jt; it is safe, simple, affordable way to upgrade.

*Laku6 2B: First-of-its-kind daily online auction site for offline businesses to purchase used phones at bulk


At Laku6 our Goal is to help Emerging Middle Class own and upgrade smartphones affordably through ReCommerce and Financing.


We are young and fast growing startup. Changes is the constant that you will always see and experience throughout the career life in Laku6. To allow the company to reach greater heights, everyone are expected to have good technical skills, sense of ownership and unbeatable fighting spirit. With the 3 characteristics, we will entrust challenging tasks to you and provide you opportunities to leave a great impact to the company and even to the world.