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Leadbook.com is a global leader in sales intelligence.

Leadbook.com is changing the world of business by allowing any company in the world to find new customer faster. Leadbook helps sales team discover new opportunities, build targeted lists in seconds and gain deep insights about their prospects and customers. Our global leads database has 64 million verified executive contacts from 7 million organisations across 145 countries. Our proprietary data and technology assets will boost your capabilities to connect with target customers at scale. Leadbook relies on artificial intelligence technology for real-time updates and verifications using social networks and thousands of online sources.


Channelling the desire for streamlined sales acceleration, Leadbook was conceived as a reflection of our desire for holistic sales deliverance. It encapsulates the company’s vision to deliver seamless sales prospecting as an integral focus.


A sales intelligence tool, Leadbook equips reps with accurate prospect information to reduce research time, personalise conversations and close more deals.

Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing has finally come to scale. Leadbook allows marketers to build on their Ideal Customer Profile and lay a solid foundation for your account-based marketing activities by data science. Target accounts, develop messages and personalize content.

Focus On The Right Target Accounts and Personnas

Identify new and existing accounts that are most likely to convert, and focus sales and marketing resources on those top accounts. Select accounts, discover contacts and develop insights relevant to the organization profile and personas.

Execute Cross-Channel Campaigns
Deploy your target account list and segments directly into CRM and marketing automation platforms for seamless campaign execution that will keep your message top of mind with prospects.

Segment Accounts For Personalized Campaigns
Leverage rich and up-to-date insights about prospects’ firmographics to create account segments that can receive tailored messaging and outreach.

Business Benefits
A highly-focused account-based marketing strategy allows you direct your resources and investments to the highest yielding industries, accounts and contacts.

Increase Sales Focus
Eliminate sales cycles with industries, accounts and contacts that have low win-rates or generate lower operating margins.

Reduce Content Budget
Spend less on third-party content sources by leveraging the internal customer success stories and testimonials.

Increase Marketing ROI

Ensure that your marketing investments are securing new logos and generating incremental revenues.