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LuxTag enables businesses and their customers to protect authenticity & ownership of their valuable assets by providing digitized certificates using blockchain technology.

LuxTag is a well funded startup embarked by a group of technopreneurs who have worked in the blockchain field for more than four years.

At LuxTag, we see a great opportunity to reduce costs of current systems and bring a new service to market that has not existed before. Proving this is very well possible, we have created a blockchain-powered application to cater the market of anti-counterfeit (brand protection) / anti-theft (ownership tagging) & manufacturer big-data (visualization of interactions with items), serving the market with a solution – ready to implement.

We believe that we provide serious novel utility by leveraging on blockchain technology, we believe key industry players will understand the importance of working with us.

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LuxTag Origins:


At LuxTag, we believe that everyone has the opportunity to do their own part making the world a better place. Every day our company strives to create more secure and trustworthy environments through innovation, integrity and cooperation. We are a team of dedicated individuals who work hard to provide our customers, partners, and employees the best services possible. Listening closely, is the root of every relationship we build.


Our team consists of professors with dreams of a better tomorrow, business entrepreneurs with a vision for disrupting the old to make way for the new, a mix of early cryptocurrency adopters and team members with startup experience to get things done regardless of status quo and team members with corporate experience to instil corporate governance and corporate discipline.

We are multi-cultural and multi-racial too. From, Europe, to Asia and Middle East, our team is diverse and it reflects on the quality of how we do things. So our culture is very mixed and confused. To get along we have to be open minded. We are always reinventing our culture and we want you to join us.


In addition to the normal compensations that comes along with any work. By working with us, you have a chance to make a change. We are convinced that human civilisation does not progress naturally. Progress requires bold innovators willing to challenge the status quo to build a completely new solution to a long standing problem thats adds more value to the adopters. If you like make this attempt at fulfilment, join us.