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Life with ManjaLabs

If you like to solve big real-world problems, and see yourself as someone who challenges the norms of how things are done, you'll love the kind of problems we are working on. We are people who like to tinker, experiment and we love pushing the boundaries of what it takes to make things work. Just as much as we love playing with tech, we are just as serious when it comes to execution - with the kind of precision required to operate successful businesses with our partners.

Why join ManjaLabs?

Here at ManjaLabs, we create technologies and implement business models which the world has not seen. Leveraging on technological trends and breakthroughs, we develop products, platforms and business which revolutionizes industries. Join our cause, and be part of something truly special.


We are a multi-disciplinary team of technologists and business enthusiasts with the desire to extend the state of technology to drive the business of our partners.