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MindFi aims to build positive and productive workplaces with greater mental wellbeing.


MindFi's mission is to build positive and productive workplaces with greater mental wellbeing. Through our family of apps and services, we're helping companies to build a more mindful workplace culture for their employees around the world, gives them access to practical and relevant wellbeing tools, connects them with supportive peers or professionals, and helps employers and leaders to develop more sustainable people-centric programs and policies. We are a fast-growing, seed-stage technology startup managed by a team of technology veterans from Silicon Valley and Asia, funded by prominent angel investors in Singapore and our products have been featured by Apple, BBC, Forbes, SCMP.


We will be honest. We are not a 9-to-5 or four-hour-workweek, yoga-doing, meditation-crazy type of company. We are real humans who are self-aware of our health, passionate to make a difference and know when to work hard and most importantly, when to play and pause. Because our clients need a realistic, growth-oriented model of workplace wellbeing and not a hippie group to teach them to slow down and work less. :)We believe in a flat hierarchy, "no idea is a silly idea" ethos to creativity, supports work-from-home culture and are always in need of ideas for fun Zoom games

  • In the 1960s, running for health was weird. In 2020, meditating for health is weird.
  • If you care about destigmatizing mental health in Asia
  • If you care about building data-driven, habit-friendly products for workplace wellbeing
  • If you want to know what our vision of "1 Billion Fit Minds" is ;)