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MyBump Media is an adtech crowd-sourced advertising platform by brand’s own ambassador – genuine consumers speaking for brands matched using demographic, geolocation and consumer behavior. Seen cars wrapped with ads on the road? That's what we do!

Let the crowd drive your brand! Join our crowdvertising journey to revolutionize transit OOH media


MyBump Media is a crowdvertising platform that allows brands to advertise via car wrap campaigns, with the help of Brand Ambassadors. We provide an OOH marketing experience for brands while helping drivers earn cash and freebies by endorsing those brands on their car.  

We, at MyBump, aim to revolutionize the advertising industry and redefine personal-branding by bringing the voice of the people on the road, to the road!

Our mission is to help everyday drivers realize the asset-potential of their car and foster personal branding of everyday people while allowing advertisers to leverage on the power of brand ambassadors, provide real value and give real insights on the exposure and effectiveness of their advertising spend.


We are a multicultural, multinational group of fun-loving individuals that all have their own meaning to getting things done productively. You'll be welcomed to an all-inclusive environment where everyone is working together to create a new market within an age-old industry. You won't be working for anyone, you'll be working with everyone.


MyBump is a small tight-knit company that not only nurtures your talent, but ensures the entire team grows shoulder to shoulder. We, at MyBump, understand that the Company’s success is only effective when everyone succeeds together. 

If you’re tired of strict dress-codes or the unyielding nuances of the corporate culture, MyBump may be what's best for you. At MyBump, we know that to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment in itself; and that trying new things and experimenting is the most efficient way to learn and improve.

So if you are keen on exploring innovative ideas and creative solutions, MyBump may be what you’re searching for. 

  • We're on a mission to innovate traditional advertising - if you have an idea share it, we'll explore it together!
  • Make an actual difference - You are helping everyday drivers earn additional income. Want to make the world a better place? Start here
  • We have a big ass sticker printer - let your imagination run wild.
  • Library Access to a plethora of Startup Books for you to learn from
  • Learn a new language - You got Maldivians here, people from the most beautiful beaches of the world (Company retreat! *fingers crossed*)