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We are proudly made in Malaysia, our name €œMyBump€ originates from the term €˜fist-bump as a show of support for brands. The story starts off as a personal dilemma – getting stuck in traffic. We are drivers too and we share the common experience of driving all over town, getting stuck in traffic and just sitting in the car while hours pass by. There isn't much you can do while you a€™re behind the wheel either – listen to music and look at all those billboards around you. Not anymore. We a€™re here to change things.


Our mission is to help everyday drivers realise the asset-potential of their car and foster personal branding of everyday people while allowing advertisers to leverage on the power of brand ambassadors, provide real value and give real insights on the exposure and effectiveness of their advertising spend.

Our vision - is to simply make traffic jams less frustrating for drivers in Malaysia and in the long run, share this opportunity with the rest of the world.


We are a multicultural, multinational group of fun-loving individuals that all have their own meaning to getting things done productively. You'll be welcomed to an all-inclusive environment where everyone is working together to create a new market within an age-old industry. You won't be working for anyone, you'll be working with everyone.

  • Make an actual difference - You are helping everyday drivers earn additional income. Not only as their business partner, their saviour as well.
  • Learn a new language - You got Maldivians here, people from the most beautiful beaches of the world (Company retreat! *fingers crossed* 🤞)
  • Library Access to a plethora of Startup Books for you to learn from
  • Learn and work with the best! - Need I say much? Karam can code with his toes.
  • Free lunch - Yes, we are working on this. For now we try to keep it healthy by minimizing calorie intake.