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Europe and China have all built billion dollar tech companies after playing catch-up with Silicon Valley. Southeast Asia is the next region to make a huge impact on the world's innovation and wealth. But like all great stories, great talent is key to achieving success.

Through NEXT Academy, we want to be the ones laying the foundation to achieving the NEXT frontier by empowering passionate individuals with the skills, knowledge and network to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

We are experts at code, marketing, design, data science and more. We help our students learn these skills to be used at their workplaces or ventures to make a difference in our communities and businesses.

Aside from teaching foundational skills through vocational classes. NEXT Academy, through her ties with various govermnet bodies, has the ambition to change the formal education curriculum to include modern subjects such as coding throughout Southeast Asia.

NEXT Academy has helped many entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and have placed graduates at some of the best companies including GrabTaxi, Manulife, MindValley, RevAsia and more.

99% of all graduates have either started their own startups or join a company as a coder, marketer, designer and more!