Novelsys Pte Ltd
Novelsys Pte Ltd





Novelsys is an award-winning company that leverages on wireless charging technology to create innovative products and solutions that improve people's lives.

Our first development ampere, is a sleeve that seeks to reinvent the mobile charging experience, via creating a seamless, intuitive and smarter charging option to the user. We will be running a Kickass-Kickstarter campaign in November this year and we want you to be part of this amazing journey. Right from the get-go, towards our crowd-funding goal together!

At Novelsys, we seek to grow an amazing team and that means bringing you onboard the next big thing in the startup universe.


  • Winner Biz Venture challenge 2014 Startup@Singapore NUS competition
  • Winner 2014 Tech Plan Grand Prix SG
  • Winner 2014 Global TIC Award in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Winner NUS 2014 N-tice startup challenge
  • Winner 2014 Red Dot Ventures TIEN Investor programme
  • Finalist 2014 APEC Startup Accelerator Summit Taipei, Taiwan
  • Finalist SITF Best Consumer product
  • Finalist SITF Best Startup
  • Finalist SITF Best Tertiary Startup


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