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Working with Olindata

With a multi-national team (6 countries & counting!), working with us is almost like travelling the world - virtually, of course. We’re brought together by our love and passion for technology and what we do, especially when it comes to spreading the awesomeness of Open Source technology.

We are a young, self-funded startup with a team of 6 working across 3 countries in Asia and Europe. We provide training in 15+ countries across 3 continents and consulting worldwide. We are different than other companies: you can work when and where you want, as long as you make your targets. We value your input, in fact we need it to improve ourselves. We have 20% time for every employee: you can choose any project you wish to work on, as long as it serves the company in one way or another.

What is it like to work with us?


We work hard and we play harder. We believe in doing our best during our working hours and rewarding ourselves after during off-days and holidays.


We work remotely, which means that you have flexible hours and flexibility of location. Want to head off to Thailand for a month? No problem, simply because you can still work from there.


While we sometimes work individually on various tasks/projects, we are always there to support each other. Each team member has their own awesome expertise in various areas and are always on hand, so help is only a ‘call’ away for anything that you have trouble with!


We work on an almost-flat hierarchy, which means everyone is equal to each other and are encouraged to come up with ideas, solutions and suggestions, discuss them and execute them.


It's Saturday evening and you're having a quiet night at home for a change. Since there's nothing on TV, you decide to do some work instead. That way, you get to sleep in a little longer on Monday morning to compensate for the hours you put in tonight. Since it's Saturday evening, you're not in the mood for too much work, so you decide to spend some time documenting the chef cookbook for haProxy that you have been working on this week. While you're doing that, one of your co-workers’ clients, Jonathan, starts talking to you on HipChat, because you're in his company's dedicated channel as well, even though he's not your main responsibility. He's seeing high I/O on one of his servers and is asking for help. Your co-worker is not online, so you remind him that we don't do emergency support with a winking smiley, and tell him that you'll look into it. Half an hour later, his server is back to a normal I/O pattern, and Jonathan is delighted once again.

After sleeping in on Monday morning, you continue testing the new Chef version - that new support for SELinux is something you want to know everything about. You take an hour off right after the team meeting on Google Hangout at 3pm, and then come back to do some preparation for the Chef training in Amsterdam next week. In the evening, you have a quick call with the training and travel manager. She's working from Bali this month (wasn't she in Mexico last month?!), but her connection is great. She updates you on all you need to know about Amsterdam, your flights and the venue. She's already updated your TripIt account with all the travel details, so you are good to go.