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OVERVIEW is a B2B online platform that will greatly improve the efficiency of the recruitment industry. Employers can consolidate all recruitment agencies and centralize all administration and communication under one unified platform.

Till today, there is too much inefficiency in dealing with recruitment agencies; every recruiter offers different contract/terms, different rates and differing levels of expertise and hard to verify connections.

Employers can now dictate how much they want to pay to a recruiter upon a successful placement, state a standard common contract and warranty period for all recruiters working on the same vacancy. With OpenRecruiters smart recruiter matching technology, the vacancy is only send to the specialized recruiters who has qualified candidates in the industry. Our free software makes it easy to streamline the whole recruitment process; track candidates, arrange interviews, manage, communicate with recruiters and more without leaving your computer screen.

No more messy contracts, no cold calls, no retainer fees and warranty disputes for the employer.


Improving the inefficiencies of the recruitment industry, making recruitment faster and better for companies and recruitment agencies.


We are always open about ideas, collaboration and we treat our co-workers equally with respect. We hate long meetings with no agendas. We pride our staff as being independent and self-motivated.


We offer flexi-work arrangements, attractive on target earnings scheme, and the opportunity of being a partner with OpenRecruiters.