Financial Services and Products



20 - 49


Founded in 2016, PolicyPal offers personal insurance such as travel, personal accident, motor insurance and business insurance such as group employee benefits, cybersecurity, directors liability insurance. PolicyPal enables you to buy insurance instantly at affordable premiums with rewards points. Moving forward, the company plans on adding further lines of insurance and using our blockchain technology to provide proof of insurance and automated claims process.


We work hard to make it easy

We built PolicyPal to create a better insurance experience


[C] Clear Communication

Keep the rest of the team in the loop regarding our – tasks and challenges so everyone can understand the progress that the business is making.

[O] Ownership

Equipped with a strong sense of ownership, we understand the depth of the impact that our actions have on our company’s success. We take great pride in our work and continually seek improvements on our products and services.

[R] Resourcefulness

Great responsibility requires great resourcefulness. We consistently take the initiative to achieve more with less, making the most out of any opportunity that arises.

[E] Expeditiousness

We eschew indecisiveness and analysis paralysis. Strong advocates of the "work smart” ethos, we strive to be bold, nimble and effective in this dynamic and fast-changing industry.

  • Attractive remuneration package
  • Annual leave
  • Medical benefits
  • Free lunch Fridays
  • Free flow coffee, tea and water
  • Office stocked with snacks across the spectrum
  • 5-day work week
  • Fun, diverse and open-minded coworkers
  • Awesome office space at a Central location
  • Team support to jumpstart your career and for professional development
  • The opportunity to say you're one of the early employees in the company that's going to shake up a big, old-fashioned industry