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QuickDesk Pte Ltd
QuickDesk Pte Ltd
We aim to be the choice collaborative platform for sales professionals & businesses internationally.

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At QuickDesk Pte Ltd, we believe that selling should not be hard.

Our team provides Enterprises and Sales Professionals with solutions to boost their sales productivity and effectiveness. In doing so, we help our clients acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and ultimately increase revenue. With our headquarter in Singapore, we are now expanding to more markets in Asia-Pacific, such as Malaysia and Hong Kong.

We have 2 offerings built in-house:

  • QuickDesk, our simplified integrable sales engagement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that helps sales professionals better manage their customers, track their sales activities, and close deals;
  • And Digital Sales Transformation (DST) training curriculum that helps businesses to optimize their sales processes with digital tools.

To value-add to Businesses & Sales Professionals and grow their bloodline - their revenue - by equipping, empowering, enriching & engaging them with relevant sales solutions.

  • We are a young and dynamic family;
  • We learn and grow everyday;
  • We love to achieve success as a team;
  • We adopt technologies to boost our productivity; 
  • We love helping businesses increase their sales productivity efficiently and effectively.