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Red Ape Solutions is a tech consultancy that practices what it speaks. We have the experience in creating a long-term technical roadmap for our clients to achieve their strategies, whilst being able to develop their solutions internally using cutting-edge solutions.

We specialize in software development with a focus on back-end systems and customer-facing front layer integration. Most of the projects we handle are usually large and complex in nature, driving over a million unique visitors weekly to our client’s websites & applications.

Our clients are typically large enterprises in Southeast Asia that are looking to use technology to support their strategic goals, or born-global digital startups that have gone through one or multiple rounds of funding.

As a subsidiary of OMESTI Berhad (OMESTI Group), Red Ape Solutions has helped the group to deliver some of the key projects.




At Red Ape Solutions will give you a chance to work on some great projects and develop your skills in exchange for dedication in doing what you love.