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Reflaunt is a technology that promotes circularity by connecting luxury brands with the secondary luxury market. The technology allows customers of brands to resell, donate or recycle their past purchases directly from the e-commerce site of the brand or the retailer.

By connecting first hand retailers with the secondary market Reflaunt facilitates the way consumer extendproduct lifecycle and helps retailers transition toward a more sustainable future.

Reflaunt technology encompasses a plug-in that allows retailer's customers to resell, donate or recycle their past purchases in a click onto a network of second hand marketplaces across the world.

Reflaunt's circular model addresses the critical issue of sustainability and counterfeit while providing financial benefits to fashion brands and retailers.


The fashion industry is experiencing a radical transformation and we are at the for front of it. Reflaunt contributes to the emergence of new consumption models that fuels the sustainability revolution overtaking the fashion industry.


Reflaunt's team is split between Singapore and London. The company is backed by key strategic investors such as the CEO of Balenciaga, the founder of Lazada/Alibaba and ex-Vogue Editor.