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20 - 49

OVERVIEW is a bespoke innovator and service provider of an acclaimed state-of-the-art AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service) platform which democratizes access to AI through the marriage of large, diverse and open data sets with deep, diverse AI algorithms to produce tailored solutions in the realms of Voice, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and more. As Singapore's one-of-its-kind business with footprints spanning across the Singapore and Japanese markets in collaboration with multiple prominent clients, we are now rapidly-growing and are excited to seek out passionate talents to be part of the Sentient family to accelerate and accentuate our business cause.


We create solutions with the vision of helping software developers quickly discover and embed AI algorithms in their applications, optimizing development efforts and shortening time-to-market which ultimately empowers developers to focus on what truly matters, that is to deliver great technology solutions to their end-users.


In Sentient, we believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship and empowerment regardless of the responsibility one holds, leveling the playing field for our employees to extensively collaborate together with creativity and ingenuity. Welcome to our world of career opportunity!