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Serious Media
Serious Media
The future is bright. The future is short.

Entertainment and Media


5 - 9


We are a discerning online platform, a fearless digital studio and an innovative content company engaged in the production and distribution of short form content across Southeast Asia.


We entertain audiences with content that is enriching, uplifting and, sometimes, downright hilarious. We help brands connect with their consumers in a way that uniquely combines technology and content to produce discontinuous results. Our team works on the full spectrum of digital services including ideation, content creation, audience development, distribution and finally monetization with the creativity and energy distinctive to start-ups.

Our specialties?

- Content that echos and engages the region's young, vibrant, and connected millions

- Digital strategies that turn conventional propagation models on their head to deliver outsized results

- Turn brands into influencers in their own right We marry an entertainment ethos with communication rigour and help brands seize the immense digital opportunities in the region.

We are shaping tomorrow's digital world today. One short video at a time.


An Emcee, an MD and an MP walk into a bar... 

 If you want to know what happens next, 

 skip to the next window.

 If you want to write what happens next, welcome!

 We would like to hear your story.


 Serious Media is a start up on the cusp of a media revolution. 

 And we like people who like starting up something new. 

 New ideas, New stories, New cultures.

 What we give you is a new way to work,

 Junk the clock, junk the location maps. 

 Head straight to the top. 

 Excited? Let's get serious.