Mobile warungs for a plastic-free retail model

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Siklus aims to disrupt FMCG retail by enabling micro-entrepreneurs to sell products without packaging. Our refill station fitted tricycles go around low-income neighborhoods, with sellers informing customers through our app. Customers purchase refills of FMCG products dispensed safely and precisely through our technology. As such, we are the new way to Warung: mobile, sustainable, and tech-driven. 


Siklus provides FMCG firms with a replicable plastic minimizing model to sell products. We reduce costs for our price-sensitive customers and provide branded reusable containers for those who do not have their own refill containers, while collecting fine grained data. 

It is estimated that Indonesia produces 3.22 million tonnes of mismanaged plastic waste every year. One of the most common items found on beaches are plastic sachets, which are not recyclable, and have disastrous ramifications for our oceans.

Currently FMCGs spend over 15% of costs on packaging for sachets, resulting in a high arbitrage between products sold in small and large package sizes. Yet, selling as refill is difficult since there is a risk of tampering, the dosing is hard, and the brand recall is bad.

Plastic sachets also harm consumers.  As the earnings of lower income populations does not allow for bulk purchasing, they purchase in sachets which bear greater packaging costs (70% of Indonesians). 15% of the sachet cost comes from packaging, and with additional distributor mark-ups, some products cost up to 3X the price in sachet as compared to larger packs. 


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Want to tackle plastic pollution? Want to reimagine the way retail is done? Wake up every morning and work on something that truly matters? Join us at Siklus - we're looking for highly talented, inspired and crazy-smart people to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time.