Speedoc Pte LTD
Speedoc Pte LTD
Speedoc Pte LTD
Bringing Hospital to Home

Health and Personal Care



20 - 49


Founded in 2017, Speedoc is a virtual clinic and healthcare solutions platform that allows users to seek medical care and services from home. As a virtual clinic and hospital care provider combining physical-digital services to challenge the traditional centralized, facility-based model, Speedoc believes that this will be the solution for the aging population faced by many countries in the region as the demand for medical care increases.

Their services include house call doctors, nurses, medication delivery; and are complemented by telemedicine, remote diagnostics, and health monitoring. With Speedoc, home medical services need not be limited to only certain groups of patients, but to everyday people who may require GP or A&E visits for themselves or their loved ones.


We want to deliver the best care experience to every person - from healing to health.

Life is multifaceted, and so is health. It is never just about recovering from an illness. It is about wellness, nutrition, enrichment, and so much more. All these are important to us. This is why we do not just offer healthcare; we offer life care.


Every person should be able to access the best care for healthy bodies and minds.

We believe that health is wealth. Being healthy enables us to live life to the fullest, but when we are unwell, we are deprived of the joy of pursuing our dreams. We want to enable you to get the best care possible, no matter what you need.


You will be part of an exciting, well-funded start-up with a team of highly energetic colleagues with diverse talents and backgrounds coming together with the belief that healthcare can be better provided with a mixture of technology and a human touch at affordable prices  With the growth that we have planned for in the next three years, exciting career experience and growth is a certainty.