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Sqkii - n. (squeak-ki)

A mouse that goes around giving promotions, cash, and happiness.

We are best known for hiding $100,000 under a tree at Jalan Naung.

Aside from that, we are currently developing a mobile application that helps you find the most fabulous and latest promotions. Likewise, you can also earn cold hard cash just by looking at promotions you like on our app. We are not kidding because we really love giving!

We believe in a culture of empathy - that means a passionate team that cares for your personal growth, a flat working environment for you to explore crazy ideas & having absolute ownership over your eureka moments. Most of all, you get to work with a team that is focused on one common mission: to help people decide what to do, where to eat, where to shop.

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Our cozy office is located at the East side of Singapore, a 10 minute walk from Kaki Bukit MRT. As you step into our homely abode, be awed by the endless supply of coffee and snacks, a fun-loving and creative team, and be prepared to be inducted into our very own Monday sports day.