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Sunago Education
Sunago Education
Breaking Down the Physical Barriers to Good Education




5 - 9


Sunago is an education service provider specializing in technology and English language teaching (ELT).

We work with individuals, institutions, and corporations, and we host English classes in schools, offices, and homes. Our online interactive English lessons are conducted by beaming in live instructors from different parts of the world with 24/7 online content and resources.

We are here to shake the education landscape in the Asian region by making personalized English language skills acquisition of an international calibre accessible to all in just a few clicks!


We want to give classrooms and offices across Asia access to effective English courses in just a few clicks.

We plan to do so by creating a marketplace for teachers and students alike and hosting an international community of avid educators and learners.


Our culture is based on purpose, accountability, integrity, and collaboration.

We are composed of like-minded vibrant individuals and together we learn, develop, and grow towards a shared success in the up and coming EduTech industry!


The EduTech industry is booming more than ever before. With the advent of the high speed internet and boost in accessibility to good technological infrastructure, the idea of education is transforming.

Now is the time to tap into the market and we are doing so by leveraging on our 30 years of experience in English language training (ELT).

We believe that with a team of vibrant EduTech/ELT enthusiasts, we will be able to spearhead the movement to globalize and improve the standard of English education across Asia - breaking down the barriers to good education using technology.

So join us in this progressive space!