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Superside delivers on-demand design services to premium corporate clients, primarily in the US. Superside revolutionizes online work by building highly innovative tech and automation that enables a globally distributed team of freelancers to work together much more efficiently than a conventional professional service. By building data-driven and automated processes unlike any other existing platform, we create the fair and efficient future of online work where everyone have the same opportunities, regardless of where in the world they live.

Client projects are automatically allocated to a distributed team of freelancers based on skill and availability. We get started in 30 minutes with 12-hour turnaround, and as such integrate fully with our clients' daily workflows. Most of our larger clients have a monthly Superside subscription where they get access to a dedicated project manager and a dedicated design team that ensures consistency and 24/7 availability. Superside is built specifically for business professionals that value security, compliance, and consistent quality.  

Founders and core team members come from McKinsey, Amazon, Expedia, Zalora, as well as leading design agencies and consultancies. Our global team of 110 project managers, designers, and art directors are spread across more than 40 countries. 

Supserside was part of Y Combinator W2016 and is funded by reputable Silicon Valley investors such as Freestyle Capital, High Alpha, Sam Altman, Slack Fund, Liquid 2 Ventures, Acequia Capital, and others, as well as Norwegian Alliance Venture.

Our clients are primarily based in the US, and include a number of Fortune 500 companies as well as hundreds of other leading brands and institutions such as Cisco, Toyota, Salesforce, Vans, HP, Accel Partners, Major League Baseball, Singapore Government and others.


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Want to join us in building the fair and meritocratic future of work where everyone has equal opportunities regardless of where they live? We're looking for talent with a passion for people, design, code, or business to join our core team. Check out our open jobs, or just reach out if you want to talk to us!