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We are Suria Labs, a full-stack development and consultancy shop based in our spanking new office in the MSC Cybercity of Bangsar South. Our specialty is in crafting web and mobile applications using cutting-edge technologies such as Ruby on Rails and React Native.

Both our local and international clients want the same thing- quality, robust and sustainable software that runs smoothly and is easy to maintain and further develop. We deliver this time and time again by using test-driven-development, daily code review and an established agile project management methodology.

Our consultancy arm of over 10 years of experience is often sought after by startup founders looking to create an MVP. We assist in market validation, product ideation and turning ideas into blueprints that can be used to present to potential investors. We help founders avoid common technology pitfalls and refer them to best-practice solutions to their problems.

We are a team of sharp, professional, inquisitive and unstoppable individuals who make up a highly oiled machine that is Suria Labs. There has never been a time where we have shied away from a challenge too difficult or a problem too complex. It is our insatiable appetite to succeed that is the driving force behind every project. Our vision is to become one of the world's leading development shops and we intend to achieve this one app at a time.

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.
--Martin Fowler, 2008


Technology has always existed and advanced for the sole purpose of creating a better life for people. This is the golden thread that weaves together everything we do at Suria Labs- creating better lives for our families, our employees, our clients and ourselves.

Our vision is to leave a legacy of ground breaking web and mobile apps that are stylish and user friendly, which will continue to better the lives of people long after we are gone.


We value learning. If you're satisfied with what you already know, then Suria Labs is not the place for you. Stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new things or learning new technologies from day one is what we're about.

We have self-organizing teams; meaning that accountability of the completion of projects falls solely on the team as a whole. Nobody tells the development team how they are to accomplish the task before them. This only works with individuals who take the initiative, shoulder the load and take pride and ownership of their work.

We don't track hours. As long as work is getting done, we don't mind when you come and go. We don't have a remote working culture, but occasionally, if you need to be somewhere, feel free to work from wherever you are.

The Hard Life
We code hard and play hard. When we are not designing, coding or consulting, we hike, game, swim, ball, run and binge watch Silicon Valley!


Medical Insurance
Company medical coverage for you and your spouse, including medical cards.

Macbook Pro
Everyone needs the right tools to get the job done. We believe the right tool for you is a Macbook Pro.

Gym Membership
Healthy body == Healthy mind. Stay fit, get ripped, lose weight, all on the house!

What fuels your brain? Just add it to the cart during our bi-weekly pantry orders!

Free Parking
We want you to spend your time making awesome products, not lining up to pay for parking.