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Synagie is an eCommerce company that provides end-to-end commerce enablement solutions to businesses selling online and offline.

Established in 2014, our clients include some of the world's leading MNC's in the consumer goods sector and SMB's who are looking to simplify the complex eCommerce process.

Our Regional Presence in South East Asia includes Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.


Our Mission is to Simplify Commerce - Providing Technology & Solutions to facilitate Business Growth and Global Scalability by leveraging on our eco-system and cross-border networks.


Paramount to Synagie’s success, our employees are our most important asset. It is Synagie’s Philosophy to provide its employees with guidance on how they should foster a respectful and collaborative work environment. 

All employees play a vital key role in building and creating a performance-driven and team-orientated working culture. We recognize the skills and efforts of our employees and we treat every individual with dignity and mutual respect

We have made a commitment to provide every employee with an environment that ignites their potentials and enhances their capabilities through the learning experience. 

The Management, as part of this team, will continuously work together with all employees to propel Synagie forward to achieve the following key goals: Better for People, Better for Business and, Better for Community.


Why Choose to join Synagie: 

The vision. Synagie wants to be the best. We thrive on innovation. We are competitive, but we compete only with ourselves. The feeling of working on something that will only get bigger and better is unparalleled.

The culture. We are a Singapore-listed company with a startup culture. In Synagie, everyone has a voice. We promote an environment of open discussions and we treat each other as a family.

The people. We have such an incredible and diverse mix of people from all walks of life. You will work with the smartest, warmest, and most talented people in this industry. Working with such remarkable professionals makes one beam with pride.

The expertise. The main thrust of Synagie is continuous improvement of talent through mentoring, testing & learning, and training. We make sure you grow where you want to. With us, you will be able to learn so much about products, processes and providing an excellent customer experience - all of which may pave future opportunities to manage the company’s business while chartering the next chapter of Synagie’s growth and a lot more!

The E-Commerce. Be in the thick of the E-Commerce action where we work with FMCG and Prestige Beauty brands as well as Channel partners to drive business growth, consumer penetration, and enhance the shopping journey.