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Our mission is to develop the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Some of the most valuable lessons we learn in life are learnt outside of the classroom, but what happens if we didn't get to learn these lessons?

What happens if we didn't learn things like leadership, communication, management, memory-building?

What if you only really learnt ONE strategy (Get a job) to succeed in life the whole time you were in school?

The truth is, you can learn all these skills from experts. You can learn how to achieve peak mental performance. You can learn how to generate income through business, forex or stock trading or internet marketing. Unfortunately, these can be very expensive. So the people who NEED these learnings, can't afford it.

Our mission is to make these learnings available to the man on the street by making it inexpensive and convenient to attain.

  • At The Leverage Group, we believe that work should be fun, enriching and productive.

  • In everything we do, we believe in empowering anyone who works with us with transferable skills that will add value to their lives regardless of whether they are working in our organisation or not.

  • At The Leverage Group, the focus is on YOUR learning. What can you learn today that will empower you to take up higher level tasks to further add value to the organisation.
  • Life at The Leverage Group is never dull. We believe in having fun as much as we believe in developing the people who are in our organisation.

  • At The Leverage Group, you will be working in an extremely entrepreneurial environment. The skills that you will learn will enable you to start your own business should you choose to do so.

  • You will get the opportunity to meet some of the top personal development trainers in the world. These include people like:

  • Deborah Tores Patel
  • Robert Riopel
  • Nishant Kasibhatla
  • Rick Coles
  • Benjamin Loh