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Every year, 60% of restaurants fall off the market. New names get lost in the sea of competition. To come up on top, restaurants must explore innovative ways to grow. Instead of expanding brick-and-mortar store space, many restaurants have turned to offering food delivery to lift their sales.

However, managing delivery operations is hard work. Customised solutions are too expensive. Cheap solutions are inadequate. Concerns on lowering operating costs make it harder for restaurants to get to the next level.

Being restaurateurs ourselves, we understand this. That's why we started Oddle. We want to make it easy for restaurants to engage, manage and grow their F&B business through an all-in-one online ordering system.

Staying competitive is not going to get easier, but it will get smarter. With Oddle, restaurants can truly take their F&B business to the next level.


To enable F&B businesses to grow and manage their brands through an all-in-one, integrated and cost-effective solution.

We aim to build a sustainable ecosystem that will take the F&B industry into the future.


Intellectual Curiosity: At Oddle we are curious, and we have a hunger to consistently learn. We are very open to ideas and innovation

Authenticity: We treasure the concept of intrinsic motivation. We encourage genuine conversations and constructive debates

Resilient: We are a team of hard-working individuals that strive to get the job done in the best possible manner. We are committed to high quality work.

Reflective: Personal Growth is about being aware of one's strength and weaknesses. We are obsessed about improving ourselves.

Adaptable: Being in a startup requires flexibility and being agile to changes that would bring impact

Fun Loving: We are very serious about work and our goals, but beneath our professional exterior, we are really a bunch of people who love to have fun.