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20 - 49


ThunderQuote is a fast-growing B2B services marketplace & procurement software provider (by Hyron Infotech Pte. Ltd.) that brings together over 26 years combined experience in business IT systems and investors from senior MNC and government procurement backgrounds. 

ThunderQuote also has a strong focus on the non-profitreligious sectorspublic sectors and the governance space to deliver high-value digital solutions to organisations of differing needs and sizes. With offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, we aim to create sector-wide open platforms to encourage adoption and usage among NPOs.  


Empowering non-profit organizations in digital transformation

  1. Automation + Perfectionism : Actively do it well, do it once and for all
  2. Perspectives : Actively understand others before seeking to be understood
  3. Openness/Progress : Actively ask, Actively learn, Actively improve
  4. Own : Actively take ownership and get it done on time
  5. Honour & Care : Actively honour and care for each other & customers
  6. Frankness : Actively say what you’re afraid to say, challenge norms

At ThunderQuote, we have a fast-paced environment where every team member makes a significant and visible impact.  

In the past year, we have assisted many non-profits in their digital transformation and business continuity initiatives, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. We've provided technical & governance support to several NPOs in order to ensure their continued, positive impact toward their beneficiaries, even through a global pandemic. This includes partnering with National Council of Social Service (NCSS) in Singapore to provide free IT resources, guides, and support for Social Service Agencies to assist in functioning during the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period. We also received an honorable mention by DPM of Singapore, Heng during the Fortitude Budget 2020 speech in Parliament for this project. We believe that anything can be achieved with the right attitude: determination, an open mind and continual learning. 

Being lean and technology-driven, we believe in automating non-customer value-add activities with every team member actively making key decisions based on data and improving systems and processes instead of being caught up in daily grind of activities. 

Above all, we believe in mutual benefit and the importance of learning and growth both as a team and as individuals. There will always be problems to solve, and new opportunities for creativity and personal growth. 

ThunderQuote team members should be:  

  • Flexible and willing to adapt to changes 
  • Determined problem-solver 
  • Communicate and work well with others 
  • Quick learner and motivated individual who is resourceful and can adapt to a fast-paced and often unpredictable working environment 

If you are ready to join a great team and fantastic work atmosphere with plenty of possibilities to grow - join us!