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Huan (Johnson) Koh started Topptalent during the COVID-19 pandemic to help companies worldwide find experienced and well-connected talents to complete special projects. According to a Grant Thornton survey, the top barriers to global expansion are understanding local regulations (41%), building relationships with suppliers and distributors (19%) and sourcing funding, and managing liquidity (10%). These problems are exacerbated by mobility restrictions during COVID-19.


The survey does not cite finding talents overseas as an issue. In fact, most companies generally can find good talents in-country when they are committed to expansion.


The survey also mentions companies recognize there are opportunities overseas.


Therefore the solution that Topptalent aims to solve is to use reliable, trustworthy and talents locally to cut away all the barriers to help the companies stay established overseas. By agreeing on exact deliverables, milestones,s and KPIs, companies can rest assure knowing the talent is working through the most critical barrier to international expansion.


For e.g, a medical device company is seeking to expand into the Asia Pacific but does not know the regulations and licensing requirements. They also understand that even if they understand these requirements, they would need to review logistical and clearance issues to bring the device into the country, something that could be solved by using a local manufacturer. Here Topptalent would be able to propose two projects to be fulfilled by local talent, first to understand the local licensing and regulations, second to prepare the overseas branch to suit these regulations and licensing requirements to derive the best ROI.


That is why Topptalent exists. We understand we have excellent talents able to be deployed to projects like these. We understand the critical barriers that must be broken to have the overseas company establish itself sustainably. We then reverse engineer and scope out these projects, get the client to acknowledge what these projects would bring them, get the talent to commit to achieving it (based on his/her experiences and skills in achieving similar results), and set the contractual conditions that would benefit both parties.



We want to be your choice to break international expansion barriers using reliable trustworthy talents in-country.