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Vision & Mission

Tware’s vision is for the human race to adapt to modern lifestyle by continuously improving on the mental, physical, and social health of the individual via our active touch-based wearable technology.

Company Background

Tware is an established Singapore company who is the world’s leading developer of intelligent, active wearables. Tware's patented core technology is used in a range of wearable products which not only help the user understand their body but also actively heal and relieve discomfort with Tware's touch and pressure systems. Users range from people suffering from physical ailments such as back pain and injuries, to people suffering from anxiety, sensory disorders and autism. Its flagship product, the Tjacket, is a smart pressure vest – sometimes known as the hugging vest - that provides deep touch pressure to wearers with autism, ADHD, anxiety, and PTSD. From its Tjacket pedigree, Tware recently developed AiraWear, the world’s first smart massage jacket, designed to alleviate the body pains of stressed and sore working and traveling adults.

As a tech startup, we are nimble, innovative and always looking to improve. We move purposefully on insightful data and anchor our operations on effectiveness and technology. As a team of people, we are passionate about delivering the best experience and touching people's lives.

We are in a new phase of growth. If you are driven, spirited, and up to the challenge of creating a whole new world with touch simulation technology, we are a match - come join us at Tware.

Our Projects

  1. Tjacket – a hug jacket that calms individuals with sensory disorders (e.g. autism),
  2. Airawear – World’s first intelligent massage jacket that provide back pain relief,