Werebits, were-rabbits, is a lean team that focuses on technologies and intelligent data analysis in providing applications to businesses and consumers. Specializes in mobile apps creation and web-based solutions.

Our products are created to enable businesses to leverage on mobile technology in executing and expanding their business without requiring technical skills or time wasted in engaging consumers.

Besides our products, we working with corporations for mobile optimisation and web experiences that specifically tailored to their customers and business.

What we can offer

  • Access to latest exciting technologies
  • A flat organisation with no hierarchy
  • Talent growth opportunities
  • Fun, young and innovative team
  • Bi-weekly social events (company lunch, movie day, karaoke and more)
  • Flexible work hours
  • Work from home on Friday
  • Casual dress (with bunny slippers)
  • XBox 360/ PS4, foosball, free flow of snacks, caffeine/ energy drink